About Me


Welcome to my world!

Music has always been an essential part of my life.

I began my musical journey when I was 11, studying classical piano and writing my earliest compositions.

I had a wonderful piano teacher, Mr. Aldo Garavini who introduced me to the magical world of Prokofiev, Béla Bartok, Debussy and many other great composers.

At the age of 17, I started singing and developed my endless passion for soundtracks.

At that time, I composed my first theme music for a comedy in my home town theatre, “La Verità di Mezzanotte” (Midnight Truth), presented by the company “Percorsi Teatrali”.

In order to improve my vocal technique, I took jazz singing classes with the famous singer Tiziana Ghiglioni.

Thanks to those lessons and my admiration for the most important jazz artists, D. Ellington, J. Coltrane, G. Gershwin, A. Carlos Jobim and with no lack of perseverance, I increased my vocal character and range.

During those years, I had always been looking for my innermost artistic inspiration and direction and considered that travelling was the right way to start to open my mind towards different cultures and musical styles. The place where I began this adventure was Ireland. In that magical land, I found a source of energy and strong emotions that mostly characterizes my music style. Many of my songs are actually inspired by Celtic music and then arranged in a modern key.

After years of experimentation and collaboration with other musicians, I finally produced my first album “Beyond 9” in the USA, in the summer of 2007. The album includes nine of my songs and was recorded in Italy and mastered in New York. The main collaborations are by: Stefano Pulga in the song “The Shadows among the Trees”, Valerio Vado Reverie in “My Sheltering Sky”, Bill Jacobs of Sonikwheel Productions in New York made the cd master and the artist Mariangela Zabatino created the wonderful artwork.

The album is available from CD Baby and iTunes and has received very good feedback from listeners.

In particular, the track “I’m Aware” was selected for the Global Rhythm January-February 2008 CD Compilation distributed in the USA, Spain, France and Italy, together with the magazine.

Moreover, I had many concerts in Italy and Switzerland to promote the album until 2009, supported by wonderful musicians, some of them: the guitar player Valerio Vado, the keyboard players Fabio Zacco and Andrea Bertorelli “Satomi” and the percussionist Romano Canavesi.

At the same time, I have continued perfecting my vocal ability with the famous vocal coach Michele Fischietti in Milan.

In 2011, inspired as always by my love of soundtracks, I have achieved great results in composing the theme music for the comedy “Fools” by Neil Simon, performed by the company “Senza Bussola”.

At the beginning of 2012, I started with the same passion the production of my second album “Ali” (“Wings” in English), with the valued collaboration and support of a great musician and music producer, Stefano Pulga.

All songs are inspired by love and each one tells a story where love, for better or for worse, is always the answer.

“Ali” will be released on March 9th , 2017 and it will be available for listening and download at iTunes, Spotify and other important digital distributors.

My intent is and always has been, to convey what I feel to the world, through the universal language of music.

The listeners’ feedback is essential for me to complete this wonderful and immense dialogue.

I am grateful to be part of this universal dialogue!



09/03/2017 – ALI


10/08/2007 – BEYOND 9